The Builder

Tony DiDomenico

Tony DiDomenico, owner of Didomenico Guitars has been building beautiful instruments for over 30 years.

Maker of Fine Steel String, Acoustic, Classical, Jazz, and Electric Guitars. DiDomenico Guitars handles extensive guitar repairs. Interested in learning the craft of guitar building? Why not learn from the best… Let Tony DiDomenico show you how by attending his Luthier Workshop.

A Note from Tony DiDomenico

I’m Tony DiDomenico. I’ve been in the woodworking business since the late 70s. Wow, I’m not sure I like the way that sounds. I started an architectural woodworking company in 1988 which is still in operation today. In the early 80s, I decided to try my hand at guitar building since I never had a good instrument and I knew my way around woodworking.
Well, what an eye-opening experience that was, “I’m going to need to do that again!” Having no experience in this craft let’s just say my first attempt was in need of improvement.

And so it began…first steel-string guitars, then classical.
Next came jazz guitars and now some hybrid electrics.
I continue to build all varieties, around two dozen or so yearly.
Having a good size facility allows me to utilize my machinery and
production experience as well as my wood finishing skills on my instruments. I have always believed in sharing life and work experiences. Now, after all these years in the woodworking business, I’m always humbled by the experience of others and eager to learn from them.


Sincerely, Tony DiDomenico

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